$100 Words

Good writing is concise and clear. That means using simple, straightforward language. As you write, keep in mind the saying – Never use a $100 word when a $5 word will do.

Following are some examples of $100 words and phrases and some $5 substitutes:
endeavor – try
facilitate – ease, help, assist
maximize/optimize – increase, improve, expand
possess – have
subsequent to – after, following
utilize/utilization – use
take into consideration – consider
in the event that – if
be of the opinion – think, believe, feel
a large majority of – most
has the capacity of – can
prior to, previous to, in advance of – before
at this point in time – now
due to the fact of – because

As you can see, using simple, straightforward language usually means using less words, always a good thing.
Remember, as a writer you want to share your knowledge with the reader, not try to impress them with it.

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