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When you think you've got the final version of your manuscript; read it aloud. Reading it aloud will be like you're hearing it for the first time; because you are. "Hearing it", that is.
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The opportunity for profit coupled with the relative ease of online publishing has led to the proliferation of "predatory publishers" Don't get fooled by them - it can hurt your career and your work will not get the attention or dissemination it deserves.
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I attended Karen’s seminar on scholarly writing and she presented many points that I consistently remember as I sit down to write. She has an ability to present both the essentials of good writing as well as the finer points to help you bring your writing to a new level. Her examples of how to transform poorly organized sentences into statements that are clear and concise help tremendously.
~Margaret McCarthy MS. RN, FNP-BC
Doctoral Candidate
New York University College of Nursing

Conscientious, diligent, creative, dedicated and mission driven, are words to describe Karen Roush’s personal attributes. Most important, she is able to take complex ideas about health, wellness and science and present them in a way that is both easy to understand and highly readable. Her ability to focus on the key points of complex medical issues and explain them with simplicity and clarity is a literary gift. I’m proud to have worked with her.
~Noreen Henson
Director of Health Publications and Education
Demos Health

Karen Roush is the kind of writer who knows how to dig just below the surface to tap emotions most of us can’t even begin to write about. Her simple, succinct and deeply honed writing style is an inspiration to anyone who works with her, studies with her, or simply socializes with her. Karen has a love for writing that permeates every sentence, every gesture, every moment that she shares with her fellow writers and writers-to-be.
~David Belcher
Contributor to The New York Times, Opera News and other travel and cultural publications

For the four years I have known Karen Roush, I have been impressed by the range and scope of her writing, her creativity, her dedication to project completion, and the high level of professional integrity represented by her work. As a professional colleague, I am impressed by the level of respect afforded Karen by her co-workers and her seemingly unfailing support of fledgling writers. As a friend, I admire Karen for her dedication to her profession and her determination to overcome sometimes insurmountable obstacles. I recommend Karen unequivocally as an author, mentor and champion of women’s health throughout the world.
~Margaret Zuccarini

Karen is the reason I became successful as a writer. When I said, “I can’t” she said, “You can.” And then showed me how. I highly recommend her for anyone who has ever stared in trepidation at the blank page.
~Fran Dirks RN, MS, FNP-BC

Finally, through Karen’s support, I saw my thoughts transformed to paper. What before I was only able to share with a few, finally became written and shared with many. She is a genius with words.
~Nadine Drescher
Nurse Manager, NYUMC

Working with Karen is inspiring and I highly recommend everyone who gets the chance to do so!
~Hope Jauntig RN, MS
Adjunct Faculty, Columbia University