"Writing Tip
             Of The Week"

When you think you've got the final version of your manuscript; read it aloud. Reading it aloud will be like you're hearing it for the first time; because you are. "Hearing it", that is.
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The Author's Blog

The opportunity for profit coupled with the relative ease of online publishing has led to the proliferation of "predatory publishers" Don't get fooled by them - it can hurt your career and your work will not get the attention or dissemination it deserves.
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Books on Writing

General Writing 

On Writing Well
William K. Zinsser

The Elements of Style
William Strunk & E.B. White

Eats, Shoots and Leaves: The Zero Tolerance Approach to Punctuation
Lynne Truss

Scientific Writing

Nurses Step-by-Step Guide to Writing a Dissertation or Capstone
Karen Roush

How to Write and Publish a Scientific Paper
Robert A. Day & Barbara Gastel

Anatomy of Writing for Publication for Nurses
Cynthia Saver

Narrative Writing

Bird by Bird: Some Instructions on Writing and Life
Anne Lamott

Writing as a Way of Healing: How Telling Our Stories Transforms Our Lives
Louise DeSalvo

Writing Alone and With Others
Pat Schneider

Style Guides

Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association, Sixth Edition
(APA Formatting)

American Psychological Association

AMA Manual of Style: A Guide for Authors and Editors, 10th Edition
JAMA and Archives Journals

The Chicago Manual of Style, 16th Edition
University of Chicago Press Staff