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When you think you've got the final version of your manuscript; read it aloud. Reading it aloud will be like you're hearing it for the first time; because you are. "Hearing it", that is.
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The opportunity for profit coupled with the relative ease of online publishing has led to the proliferation of "predatory publishers" Don't get fooled by them - it can hurt your career and your work will not get the attention or dissemination it deserves.
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Writing for Publication for Hospital-based Nurses

Staff nurses are increasingly involved in clinical research and quality improvement projects. However, most have no experience with writing and publishing papers. Getting published requires a set of skills not taught in nursing school, even for those who pursue higher education. Therefore much of the knowledge generated by nurses in the clinical setting never gets communicated to the larger nursing and health care community. And health care organizations that support nursing research are not receiving recognition for the important work being conducted under their auspices.

Writing is a learned skill that everyone can become proficient at when they are given guidance and are willing to invest some time and effort. Publication requires more than good writing, however, writers must also understand the biomedical publishing process.

This program provides intensive mentoring in three essential areas: writing skills (Craft), manuscript preparation (Content) and submission (Publication). It is designed to provide ongoing support over a period of months with the goal of participants eventually being able to independently write high-quality manuscripts, conduct constructive peer review of each other’s work, complete effective revisions and successfully navigate the publication process.

Program Overview

The program incorporates in-person initial classes, in-person or distance (using technology such as Zoom) workshops and individual meetings, written guidelines and support to provide participants with ongoing guidance through the writing and publication process. The goal is for all participants to have a manuscript accepted for publication in a peer-reviewed journal. The program can be adapted to fit the needs of the organization though ongoing mentoring is an essential component for success.


Initial in-person classes using lecture and discussion will provide participants with the knowledge base they need to produce high-quality manuscripts and submit them for publication.

  • Basic writing skills including language usage, organization, grammar, sentence structure
  • Advanced writing skills including style, tone, leads, engaging the reader, transitions
  • Biomedical publishing process including types of publications, readership, submission process, author guidelines, peer review

Writing Workshops

Small group work will provide participants with opportunities to develop their writing skills, learn peer review skills and encourage and support each other. Participants will be able to conduct writing workshops independently by the end of the program.

  • Writing exercises
  • Reading and critique of journal articles
  • Reading and critique of participants’ work

Individual Meetings

Individual meetings will target guidance to each participant’s specific needs. This is key to participants developing the ability and confidence to independently produce high quality manuscripts.

  • Review manuscripts in progress
  • Guided editing and revisions
  • Guided submissions including responses to reviewer recommendations

Ongoing Support

Ongoing contact will provide participants with uninterrupted support as they develop their manuscripts and submit them for publication.

  • Reviews
  • Editing suggestions
  • Assistance with submissions