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When you think you've got the final version of your manuscript; read it aloud. Reading it aloud will be like you're hearing it for the first time; because you are. "Hearing it", that is.
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The opportunity for profit coupled with the relative ease of online publishing has led to the proliferation of "predatory publishers" Don't get fooled by them - it can hurt your career and your work will not get the attention or dissemination it deserves.
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From First Draft To Publication: Weekend Writing Workshop for Nurses

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Or contact Kim Cass at thescholarsvoice@gmail.com to find out how to schedule an on-site workshop for your organization.

Whether you have a manuscript in progress, a project or study you want to write up for publication, or just a topic you’ve always wanted to write about – during this workshop we will work together to make significant progress in moving your work toward publication. It is appropriate for beginning writers and experienced writers who want to improve their writing skills. Attendance is limited to 12 participants to make sure everyone gets individual attention.

These workshops cover the skills needed to write clear, highly readable manuscripts. It covers basic skills such as language usage, organization, grammar, and sentence structure; and advanced skills such as style, tone, ledes, and transitions.

Writing well is just the first step in getting published – authors also need to know how to navigate the biomedical publishing process. The workshops also cover all the essential elements needed to do that – types of publications, choosing a publication, author guidelines, submitting a manuscript, peer review, responding to reviewer’s recommendations, and ethical and legal considerations.

Participants also receive one subsequent review of their manuscript within 6 weeks of the workshop that includes further guidance on revision, line editing, and next steps.

Sample Workshop Schedule:

  Day One


  • 8:30      9:00         Registration and Breakfast
  • 9:00     10:15        Session 1: The Craft of Writing: The Basics
  • 10:15 –  10:30        Morning Break
  • 10:30 –  12:30         Session 2: The Craft of Writing: Advanced Skills
  • 12:30  –   1:30         Lunch


  • 1:30   2:30            Session 3: Publication: Understanding the   Process
  • 2:30 –  3:00             Purpose Statements
  • 3:00   –  3:15           Afternoon Break   
  •  3:15   –  5:00          Guided Writing Time*

 Day Two


  • 8:30     9:00         Breakfast
  • 9:00 –  10:30         Session 4: Publication: Navigating the Process
  • 10:30 –10:45          Morning Break
  • 10:45 –12:00          Guided Writing Time
  • 12:00 –  1:30          Lunch and Reading Time


  • 1:30     3:30           Peer Review**
  • 3:30    4:00           Wrap-Up

 Home to Write!

 *Guided Writing Time is time spent working on your manuscripts with individual attention from Karen Roush, the conference facilitator.

 **Peer Review is an opportunity to “workshop” each other’s work. Writing is done in isolation; peer review gives you a chance to share your work and give and get feedback and support from your fellow writers. It also teaches you how to critically review articles and manuscripts from a scholarly writer’s perspective and apply that skill to your own writing. Copies of selected sections will be made available during lunch to prepare for the peer review session. Please plan on attending – participants always find the peer review session very helpful.

 Comments on Evaluations from Previous Workshops:

The time flew by. This was one workshop that I was not looking to leave early.

Karen was informative, insightful, focused, and patient with all of us. She explained and demonstrated what needed to complete a manuscript successfully and for publications. She critiqued our work individually and served as a facilitator for the peer review which was very productive.

Karen created an environment in which we were comfortable with expressing our thoughts, both verbal and in writing, to improve our writing work. This workshop was very helpful in strengthening my writing skills.

The presenter’s skills, knowledge and responsiveness to all the participant’s questions and needs was outstanding. She really motivated you to be successful.

The presenter was a pleasure to deal with prior to and during the workshop. She was helpful and reassuring.

Definitely my writing practice will change for the better. Applying the techniques for first writing, editing and then re-editing and finally having someone read your work was very helpful and is a practice that I will continue.

The information from this workshop will be translated to my teaching – editing of students papers and transferring the skills learned to the graduate students. This workshop taught me not to be so hard on myself, let go of bad habits, and give yourself the time to write.

My writing will absolutely change after attending this workshop. I used some of the tips I learned today and will continue to use them.

This workshop was very helpful. The lessons learned were invaluable. The colleagues I met and collaborated with were awesome. Overall the experience was humbling and inspirational.

I am more comfortable in my writing abilities. Before this workshop, I would and could find many reasons not to write or other tasks to perform instead of actually sitting down to write. Sunday, on the drive home, I realized during the afternoon session, when we reviewed our work, I was not nervous and felt confidence (the first time ever!) about what I had written. Thank you!


The Scholar’s Voice can also develop seminars or workshops to meet the specific needs of your organization or group.

For more information or to schedule a seminar or workshop contact The Scholar’s Voice at thescholarsvoice@gmail.com